A little about me




I started this blog to share with others how downsizing can improve all the areas of your life. What we have gained, and lost, how we did it, and what is next for us.

My work life began as an international flight attendant one summer when I took a semester off of studying music in college. I would have the opportunity to live in a tiny space in San Francisco and NY and to travel weekly to London, Paris, Zurich, and beyond. I learned so much about how people live in other countries as I was able to get passed the typical tourist experience.

I would return to school and teach music, until the reality of living on a music teacher’s income really sank in. One summer while teaching music and working in sales for a home builder, I got my first glimpse into the world of real estate. I spent the next several years in mortgage banking in different capacities, starting my own business and eventually finding my niche in training and consulting within the industry.

After marrying my husband the “Mad Scientist”, we began a journey of fertility treatments. The process of these treatments, and the economic plummet within the mortgage industry brought my career back to teaching again.

Our fertility treatments began in the US, and after spending thousands of dollars on treatments we learned of the success of couples traveling to Eastern Europe to conceive. At my age of 40, we took the plunge in 2008 and traveled to the Czech Republic and were blessed with twin boys and great new friendships with the other couples we met there.

I fully intended to jump back into work quickly, but soon realized it was much harder than expected. I kept working part time at a much reduced pace. When the boys were eighteen months old, I was given an opportunity to work as an educational consultant for McGraw Hill Education during what would be the first of many years of textbook adoptions in the state of Texas. It was my work as a consultant in educational publishing that I started to really consider homeschooling. I had been exposed to it while teaching, and also while working as a music director, but thinking about it as a solution for our family had not occurred to me. I was able to experience the educational system from a unique perspective as I interviewed teachers and administrators over several years during textbook adoptions. The candor from the teachers was refreshing and eye opening.

As a mother of young boys, every day I thought there has to a better way, but homeschoolinghomeschooling really? I love working, flexing my intellectual muscles, but as soon as I had them, I could not leave them to childcare and nannies. I use help as needed, but never was comfortable with the idea of day care.

We wanted to homeschool, but we needed two incomes. I also really enjoy working and all the intellectual stimulation that provides. We made a radical shift in what we thought we needed in our life and the changes began. An avid reader of Penelope Trunk’s career blog, I began exploring new ideas for my own career development. I began my study in coaching with the Robbins – Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention and learned strategies to break through blocks in my own development.

This blog is about how we downsized our possessions from a 3000 square foot house in the suburbs to a 1000 square feet Townhome. We took this bold step to make it possible to explore homeschooling and working. What happens along the way is living a life with less stress and more time for each other,  the pure joy of being focused on what matters most, and all the messy, wonderful insights I am learning as I truly embrace this new chapter.  It is my hope that sharing this journey will help someone in their own journey to design a life that fits their family.

 Questions? Get in touch with Kathy@kathydonchak.com.